Technology of Yamase

Technology of Yamase

Yamase’s technology is a concentration of the following “five powers”:

  • Procurement Capability
  • Mixing Capability
  • Production Technology
  • Response Capability
  • Research & Development


“Produrement Capability” of Yamase

Raw materials such as clay and stone supplied by Yamase are limited natural resources. Even so, Yamase has sufficient procurement capability for such materials, as it has a fine supply network both within and outside Japan. In such way, Yamase strives to correspond to the diverse requests from our current and future customers.

Domestic Procurement Network

Chubu region is represented by a well-developed ceramic industrial culture, such as tile manufacturing and Mino Pottery. This condition in turn allows Yamase to procure high-quality raw materials at a low cost. Furthermore, we have secured a raw material procurement route beyond the Chubu region, responding to the ever expanding needs of our customers.

Overseas Procurement Network

With special focus in obtaining materials difficult to procure domestically, we also procure raw materials outside Japan from such countries as India, New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States.

“Mixing Capability” of Yamase

Yamase has the appropriate mixing technology for realizing each customer's needs. It has a constant stock of over 100 different kinds of raw materials, and conducts repeated tests according to each client’s applications. Although we mix the raw materials as is defined by our original “formula chart” created through countless laboratory tests, the condition of incoming stock is not always uniform. That is why we make full use of our mixing capability nurtured over years and make adjustments on a daily basis on all raw materials, in order to reproduce the exact results as obtained in our laboratory.

Analytical and Predictive Capabilities Fostered through Daily Research

Yamase maintains ample analytical and predictive capabilities through continual R&D conducted on a daily basis, which define the “distinctive features of raw materials,” “proper selection of materials to obtain the best results,” “cause and effect of a specific blend result,” and so on.

Repeated Experiments until Correct In0plant Reproduction

Yamase has acquired sufficient analytical capacity and predictive capability through daily R&D activities to define “which raw materials have what specific features,” “which raw materials should be mixed in order to achieve the best results,” and “the cause of the mixed results.”
We decide on the most appropriate mixing amount upon assessing each raw material’s condition that is influenced by temperature and humidity.

Yamase's Production Technology

Sometimes, the reproduction result of the manufacturing process using the actual machine may be unsatisfactory, despite successful production during the pre-production experiments. We, at Yamase, have the sure “production technology” that can reproduce the prototype made in our laboratory.

Professional Staff

At each process, Yamase has the respective professionals that work to realize the company’s exceptionally high standard of production technology including:
The sales staff with thorough knowledge on ceramic technology who can respond sincerely with the best proposals;, researchers who challenge using new materials and tirelessly continue their R&D activities; and manufacturing staff who finish the products within the required standard levels.

Response Capability of Yamase

Yamase has a flexible, open mind to respond properly to our customers’ widely varying needs and requirements.

  • 01

    Swift Proposals

    Accumulating ample experience in ceramic raw material analyses, use methods and manufacturing skills, Yamase can make swift proposals upon receiving requests from its customers
  • 02

    Challenging Spirit of
    Using New Materials

    We, at Yamase, respect the challenging spirit to use new materials according to our customers’ needs, and listen earnestly to inquiries even on the use of some unknown substances.
  • 03

    Corresponding to
    Small Lot Orders

    Yamase corresponds to small lot shipment requirements, ultimately to deliver “necessary items,” “when needed,” “in the necessary quantity.”

“Research & Development” of Yamase

In order to provide high-quality products to our customers, Yamase instituted a laboratory. Utilizing various testing instruments, this laboratory conducts continual ceramic tile-related R&D activities and experiments.

Continual R & D Activities

At Yamase, we continue our R&D activities to maximize the efficient use of the available precious mineral resources. In addition to technical development activities, we also scrutinize on intellectual property and marketing aspects. Such stance and action of Yamase leads to our capability in offering outstanding proposals to our customers.

Conducting Experiments through to Molding and Firing. for Taking Responsibility in Our Products after Delivery

Though the products delivered by Yamase are primarily in a powder form, our laboratory has various types of testing equipment for molding and firing. Such conditions in turn allow us to perform stringent inspections on our products, so as to conform properly with the customer’s manufacturing process after delivery.


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