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Imagining the future and our environment through ceramic raw materials

Tomohiro Kagami,
President, Yamase Co., Ltd.

Tomohiro Kagami, President, Yamase Co., Ltd.

Over 82 years since establishment, Yamase has been engaged in the manufacturing and sales of ceramic raw materials, especially for the ceramic tile industry -- the traditional industry of the Mino area in Gifu Prefecture.
Turning back in history, ceramic tiles have long contributed to nurture the social infrastructure of Japan, and have been used for constructing buildings, roads and so on. Due to their excellent durability and design capacity, tiles have been loved by the people over centuries. Indeed, ceramic tiles have protected people and enriched the aerial space they have been incorporated in, specifically by strengthening houses and roads. Furthermore, their ingredients such as stones, clay and water are all blessings of nature, and are eco-friendly for containing no chemicals.
Today, however, the total volume of domestic tile production is going down sharply, owing to the advent of cheap substitute goods that are produced in large volumes outside Japan. Moreover, the intrinsic value of tiles has often ceased to be evaluated properly by construction companies and clients. Such condition in turn generates a crisis not only for our own company, but also for the entire industry of the Mino district in Gifu Prefecture.
The strength of Yamase lies in its “technology and development capability” that correspond to the quality standards requested by our client tile manufacturers. Furthermore, we have a high level of “human resources” that respond to our customer needs.
Hence, I acknowledge it as a personal mission to maximize the above strengths of ourselves and strive together with tile manufacturers, various companies and research institutions. To this end, I am determined to contribute not only to the happiness of my company’s employees and all those involved, but also to activate the local industry and eventually convey the attractive features of Mino’s raw materials and pottery widely to the world.
Our ultimate goal is to develop and produce raw materials for traditional and innovative ceramic tiles, which convey their genuine value and appeal to those, both inside and outside Japan. That is why Yamase will continue questioning what kind of technology and materials are truly in need, conduct R&D and development, and make meaningful proposals to human society and mother earth.

Tomohiro Kagami
Yamase Co., Ltd.

Corporate Slogan

the foundation of society
to the future

Yamase values ​​each raw materials and human resources.
On top of that, we will create and connect the foundations of a society where people can live comfortably.

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Philosophy system

Yamase's philosophy is stacked in four hierarchical structures like a "stratum". The deepest position in the Yamase philosophy is that "human resources are the foundation of everything." And the products produced by human resources are of high quality. High-quality products realize a "comfortable environment for people and the earth" of society while considering the environmental load.

Produce excellent human resources needed by society in the future
With our technological capabilities,
we can fulfill our customers' wishes faster and with higher quality.
Supporting the creation of an environment-friendly society
from tile raw materials
Realizing a comfortable environment for the people
of the future and the earth
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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Yamase Co., Ltd.
Description of Business 1. Manufacturing and sales of ceramic tiles and processed ceramic raw materials
2. Manufacturing and sales of interior building materials
Headquaters 3107-29, Tsumagi-Cho, Toki- City, Gifu Prefecture 509-5301, JAPAN
Phone (+81 572 43 2185)
Fax (+81 572 43 5519)
Established (February 1, 1974)
Capital Funding 35,000,000 Yen
President Tomohiro Kagami
Bank Reference The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd. Tajimi Branch, Gifu Pref., Japan


Jun 1918 The founder, Sekiichi Kagami, starts manufacturing body clay for tableware
Jan 1943 Yamase Ceramics Materials Limited Co. is established (capital: 1,500,000 yen) Masao Kagami (son of Sekiichi) inherits the business and is inaugurated as the president
Around 1954 Starts production of body clay for ceramic tiles
Nov 1967 Tomoharu Kagami (grandson of Sekiichi) joins the company and is inaugurated as a director
Feb 1974 Yamase Co., Ltd. is established (capital: 6,000,000 yen), for which Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the president
May 1991 Color Coordination Division (C.C. Division) is newly established Blending facility starts operating
Oct 1991 Universal Clay Co., Ltd. is established, for which Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the executive director
Sep 1996 Gifu Ceracis Co., Ltd. is established, for which Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the president
Oct 1999 Maruko Ceramic Materials Limited Co. acquires and dissolves Hope Co., Ltd.
Aug 2005 Yamase Co., Ltd. absorbs and dissolves Maruko Ceramic Materials Limited Co.
Jun 2006 Yamase Co., Ltd. raises its capital to 35,000,000 yen
Sep 2006 Tomohiro Kagami is inaugurated as the executive director
Dec 2009 Tajimi Kasahara Tile Museum Foundation is established, for which Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the chairman
Aug 2011 Yamase Co., Ltd. absorbs and dissolves Yamase Ceramics Materials Ltd., Co.
Nov 2016 Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the president
Nov 2016 Tomoharu Kagami is inaugurated as the chairman of the board

Our Cliente(in alphabetical order)

  • Kaneki Co., Ltd.
  • Lixil Group Corporation
  • Nagoya Mosaic Tile Co., Ltd.
  • Nitto Seitosho Co., Ltd.
  • Shinano Ceramic Tile Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Shinko Yogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Tono Yogyo Co., Ltd.
  • TOTO Materials Ltd.
  • Toray Building Materials Co., Ltd.


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