Business Outline

Yamase Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in refining, processing and sales of various raw materials such as tiles, glazes, paved road colorings, abrasives and tableware.The company compounds, refines and processes over 100 different kinds of natural raw materials to respond to each customer's needs.

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Application example of the products

  • Exterior wall tile material for condominiums, detached houses, etc.

    The exterior wall tile not only enhances the architectural design, but also prevents the oxidation of the inside concrete, thereby protecting the building itself.

  • Interior wall tile material

    In order to ensure and propose a comfortable living environment, we conduct necessary R&D including room humidity control and smell absorption for our interior tile materials.

  • Floor tile material (for interior and exterior use)

    We adopt a small lot production system for unglazed flooring tiles to comply with various design needs.

  • Magnetic Concentration Feldspar for White Ceramics

    Our feldspar raw material corresponds to white ceramic needs. Its whiteness is achieved through pulverization and de-ironing purification, which reduce the iron content down to 0.06%.

  • Paved Road Coloring Material

    This ceramic raw material is used for coloring paved roads. Its excellent friction resistance and durability are ideal for coloring roads with heavy traffic such as bus lanes.

  • Gel-cast Method Porous Ceramic

    This porous ceramic is produced by processing whisked clay. Despite being a ceramic, it boasts an outstanding water retention performance, best suited for use as rooftop greening medium and filters of all kinds.

  • Functional Interior Material (Humidity Control Tile)

    This interior tile is made of high-quality porous clay. Controlling the humidity level of a room comfortably, it also absorbs odors and harmful substances.

Production Process


In our first meeting with any client, we make it a rule to ask the specific pursued image of the final product. This is because primary-stage discussions play a vital role in allowing our customers to produce their respective final products precisely as they had imagined, especially upon molding our raw materials (such as pre-firing tile powders) with their own press machines. We also welcome inquiries for small lot production and new material use.


Our laboratory has a miniature version of the actual equipment used at our manufacturing plant. This test equipment is used to ensure that our factory can reproduce and satisfy each customer’s order contents after delivery, from the stage of impurity removal and molding, through to strength check. We prepare the final formula chart for proper manufacturing at our plant, only after completing a series of internal tests in our laboratory. Needless to say, such experimental process through to proposal is conducted in a speedy manner.

3.Procurement of Raw Materials

We, at Yamase, always have over 100 different kinds of raw materials in stock, in order to comply with the ever difersifying needs of our customers. In addition to high-quality raw materials from the Chubu region in Japan, we prepare raw materials from overseas countries according to the request from our customers.

Capability" of Yamase


We produce various kinds of the raw materials based on our original “formula chart” created through numerous tests in our laboratory.

Preparation of Raw Materials

Although each raw material is mixed according to our “formula chart,” its condition may change depending on the season, weather and other reasons. That is why we make adjustments on a daily basis, seeking to reproduce the exact results as obtained in our laboratory.

Capability" of Yamase

Mixing and Milling

The prepared raw materials are mixed together with water, placed inside the wet ball mill (crusher), and crushed until becoming muddy. Then, impurities such as iron and wood scraps in the slurry are removed by sifting it through the vibrating screen. Such process retains a fine condition for our materials that are free from cracking even after molding or firing.


The slurry removed of impurities is dried by a machine called a spray dryer. Since an absolutely dry (moisture-free) condition will make the material collapse after press forming, a water content of ±0.5%, the optimum figure for any press molding machine, is maintained until our products are delivered properly and safely to our customers. The final dried material comes out in a spherical granular powder form that measures approximately 0.2 mm in diameter.


Pigments are then blended into the above dried powder and the volume is adjusted according to the color shade, design and use of each tile. For example, non-glazed tiles for flooring are full-colored to the center, so that their decorative features can be maintained even when their surfaces are worn down through heavy use.

Final Inspection

All finished products for delivery are molded and fired in our laboratory to check their conformity. Specifically, we scrutinize on the shrinkage ratio, color and water absorption ratio. Such close control is especially required for sheet tiles used in succession, which must be even and uniform without any fluctuations in the shrinkage ratio or color shades. Due to such severe demand, we conduct stringent inspections, always mindful to satisfy our customers’ demand.

Production Technology of Yamase


Yamase corresponds to small lot shipment requirements: Delivering “necessary items,” “when needed,” “in the necessary quantity.”

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In order to make products that satisfies customers Research & Development

Yamase established its R&D facility in order to satisfy our customers through continual R&D and quality control activities. We repeatedly test every order received from each customer in our laboratory, reproduce only those we succeeded producing at our raw material manufacturing plant, continue feedback to supply finer products into the future.

Research &
Development of Yamase


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